5 things that can make it hard for Native American students to attend college

1. Culture shock, moving from one culture to a diverse or complete opposite culture.

2. Lack of educational support.

3. Lack of financial support.

4. Racial issues such as profiling.

5. Lack of emotional support and encouragement.

We started of our day with theatre. My highlight from theatre was the activity that we did with the animals because we didn’t have to communicate verbally to each other. The class after that was the Common App class. It was new to me because I have not gone over that application before, so I was excited to get a head start. The Western U programing was interesting because I researched a genetic disease for either side of my racial heritages. After that we listened to some guest speakers speak, and their stories were quite amazing. It made me reflect upon what I have personally seen in the streets, especially on the streets of Mexico City which is where half of my family is from.


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