Reasons why its hard for Native American students to attend college is they don’t believe themselves. Even if they don’t get as many chances as White Students, they’re still given a lot of opportunities to change their life around. Another reason is that they are pulled into the wrong things, they don’t make their own paths but follow others into bad situations. Drugs and Alcohol is a big reason, whether they are doing these things to cover up pain or just for fun, its still hard to pull away from. Teen pregnancy maybe one reason, they have sex to young or don’t use protection. Having a child takes up most of your time, so its hard to have one and finish school at the same time. Definitely the Stereotypes about Native Americans, people not believing in young Native people can make them push their dreams away.

I had a wonderful day. Finally shared my voice with everyone. I have been in my singing box for a while and i’m glad everyone heard my song 🙂


One thought on “Native people mannnn

  1. I hope I get to hear you sing! So many of us working on the Pipeline believe in all of you so much, I want to make sure to push you toward your dreams, and whatever they may be, I hope you keep singing and sharing your beautiful voice with the world!

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