Why it may be a challenge for a Native American student to attend college is because of money. Many Native American families struggle with having/saving money to pay for and to attend college. Young teens also might be addicted to alcohol and drugs. This keeps them from attending school, getting good grades, learning, and graduating high school. Dropping out of school is also another example, with students who don’t have a role model, leader, or mentor that has actually finished school and gone to college in their family/life, puts them in a position where they don’t feel the need to finish/go to school; they don’t think that it is necessary or important. Depression can steer more teens away from college/high school because many probably have been traumatized, bad past, family issues, home life is horrible, etc. Many things can distract young Native American students from seeing school as a goal in life. No support at home, or in their community is also another reason why it is hard for Native American students to attend college. They don’t feel motivated, they haven’t seen an example of a good life from going to college.

I really enjoy our morning theater class with Rose, I feel more awake and I get to bond with the other students. I also liked listening to Lauren, Rose, and Bingo in our Cultural class. It really opened my eyes more towards my future, learning that every decision I make can really impact it. Our college application class also really got me thinking more about what specific college I would like to attend to in the future. I’m also more excited about New York City because that is where I want to go to school for astronomy and astrophysics.


5 thoughts on “#peachesforlife

  1. Alysha is obsessed (not even kidding) with New York City so I bet she can tell you all about it!

  2. I am happy that you touched on something very few people recognize as a barrier, depression. It often is the elephant in the room that a lot of students don’t even realize they are going through! I can’t wait to see your name in some NYC lights “Michelle Astronomer & Astrophysicist Extraordinaire”!

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