The things that can push away and make it hard for Indigenous youth to go to college are poverty, themselves, bad decisions, friends, and the culture itself.

Well, I started off the day with a good game of basketball for our daily exercise. Joe The Amazing made us an absolutely amazing breakfast (lives up to his name). It consisted of bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, bagels, and warmed up some tortillas. ‘Twas an excellent breakfast. In our acting class with Rose the Courageous (she has a bird named Courage) made us do an activity that really showed who each of us were. She had each of us decide which animal we were of the ones on each side of the class room. The animals were a rabbit, a hawk, a turtle, and a tiger. In our English class we focused on making adjectives even more descriptive by describing them with words from the five senses. We researched into colleges and saw which ones we might want to apply to. We researched and talked about our tribe’s hereditary illnesses. Last but not least, our elders talked to us about a very important subject. Indigenous youth selling their bodies for school, survival, and kids. It was a very important message. Thank you everyone for an amazing da.


2 thoughts on “The Odds Never Cease to Amaze Me

  1. Hurray you liked the tortillas!! I wasn’t sure anyone wanted them/was used to eating them for breakfast.

    Also what colleges did you look at specifically, if you don’t mind sharing

  2. Brother NICK!! Welcome back and so happy to see you expressing yourself so much this year. Thank you for jumping in and trusting us and know that you are going to go do many wonderful things for the Chumash people. Don’t forget to apply to Pitzer College when you start your college journey…

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