Why it is hard for native americans to attend college

1) Not graduating from high school for many excuses.

2) No support from teachers,peers, family and/or friends so the only option is to give up.

3) Getting into bad habits like drugs and alcohol.

4) No money support, not being able to get a job, or getting the starting money to pay for classes and text books.

5) They don’t accept their opportunities that they get like a scholarship because they don’t want to be smartest person in the room or the only one with the chance.

Today I felt very independent, listening to the speaker during class and not getting distracted by my peers around me. I also like the book we are reading because it is getting funny, serious and outgoing with words. The application class we have for college application make me want to speed through and see if I can get to the college I want with the mayor I plan to study. I learned more about myself that I need to become more outgoing and talk to more people and to stop hiding like a turtle all the time.


2 thoughts on “:] No title :[

  1. Trisha thanks for sharing! Sounds like there has already been so much growth in this short time! I’m excited to see what you major in! Just remember coming out of your shell takes time and practice but you’ll get there!

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