Reasons why it’s hard for Native American students to attend college

1. A reason why it’s hard for Native American students is because they could possibly be homeless and have a hard time deciding on paying for classes or rent.

2. Another reason is because sometimes a majority of Native American students don’t have any support including family.

3. Many Native American students have had a rough life, maybe even poverty. So without anyone believing in them, they won’t believe in themselves, and that could lead up to them not believing that they’ll be successful in college.

4. Sometimes their families don’t always have money for college so they look for other people, but the tribes can’t help them pay for college either. It would be hard as a Native American student to go to college if they didn’t have any money, or they were poor.

5. In many tribes there are drugs and alcohol, and it affects teenagers too. Once they start getting addicted they won’t want to stop until they’re hooked for good. Being an addict is hard to recover from and it would be hard as a Native American student to get into college if they’re addicted to some drug because there will be no motivation.

My Day; While reading our assigned books I wanted to keep reading and learn what happens next. It just reminds me of how when handling depressing news can affect you in a destructive way. Rowdy did take it in a destructive way with his best friend and I was very surprised on what happened.


2 thoughts on “Todayyyyyyyy.

  1. hi kayla
    I usually read ahead in my books for class too!! I get so caught up in the story and want to know how it ended, just like you did!

  2. When I take your reflection of the day and superimpose it to some of the barriers you shared that Native Students face, I am reminded that although we can choose destructive routes and completely break ourselves, it’s important to remember we always have options. Thanks for your very thought provoking post Kyla!

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