Last Day of Blogging :( :)

A commitment I can make to distribute our book Native Youth Survival Guide to preparing for college would to be not to forget to, and make sure I talk about it often. I will share the information by telling everyone at the Lummi Youth Academy, and show everyone I can possibly show, especially high school students.


An amazing experience

Th common application is a website that will help you apply to colleges, and learn about colleges near and far. It is also helpful when applying to college because you’ll know more the college you’re applying to. Students should always know what they want to major in, and where they want to attend for college in order to be prepared for the common app. Researching colleges before applying is always important because you can not like the campus, the programs there, and they may not have classes they wanted to apply for. Also writing a strong essay for college is important because it will help you get accepted into the college you apply for. One main tip for writing a great college essay would to be not writing about your failure, but what came out of your failure after the introduction mad how you overcame your failure. Finally some tips on

Cultural Thinking

Some aspects of Indigenous Culture that prepares you to have a successful and lead an meaningful life are ceremonies, talking circles, and language. Ceremonies are important to me because they’ll most likely teach you on how to be patient because they can sometimes take a very long time of just listening. However, talking circles are important as well because they help teach you how to be more respective towards others, and what they have to say. Finally language is also very important too because your language tells who you are, where you come from, and your culture.

Cultural knowledge and participation in Ceremony help you prepare for college by helping you understand another language such as your own or it may be easier to learn another language, and ceremony teaches you patients which sometimes you need in class.

Culture helps prepare me for giving back to my community by showing how to give back in ceremonies, and what my community likes to get back from another person, such as cedar.

Wishtoyo Talk

A craft I made during Wishtoyo was an anklet made out of dog bane, and it included a whale bone from the Makah Reservation. It was an amazing experience for me because I felt more cultural and it turned out great. My anklet will always be wiht me because I mamde it with a little help from the Chumash people. Teachings that resonated with me during my stay at Wishtoyo was the respect for other peoples traditionsz. I can relate to that teaching because many people at my school don’t respect our traditions and I would love for people to respect our traditions just as the Chumash people wanted us to do. My favorite cultural experience from the entire trip was singing their songs with them and dancing traditional a little with them. When we first got there we had a ceremony right away, sang songs along with them, and we were shown a little bit of their traditional dances as well.

Some fun experiences that will always make me smile was how this morning a few of my friends and I didn’t plan on swimming we=hen we went to the beach. But we soon jumped into the waves and had an amazing memory together, it was totally worth getting my clothes drenched. Also after the sun rise ceremony, we all hugged each person in the circle and that was heart warming.


Relaxing Dayyyyys

It is important for Native Youth to tell their own stories because everyone deserves to tell their own story, and the youth are the future. What needs to be told is that how it is in school and being poor from a Native Youth, also their life growing up story. My favorite film now would be Jurassic World, mostly because during the whole movie I was excited to see what would happen next and it had amazing graphics.

Cultural Day

Today my favorite part of native cooking with Kim Marcus was shaving the acorns with my best friend.

My job during the native cooking was to cut the prickly pairs and shave the acorns poisonous acid skin, and it was beneficial because the prickly pairs are healthy for your nutritious  diet.

Amazing Day of Culture

Since its been almost a week I’ve been away from school, I honestly miss sleep and the food. That’s about it.

One thing that makes it hard to be away from home is just not getting much sleep but really nothing else makes it hard to be away from home BRUH.

I love California and I am having a wonderful experience here at Pitzer.

My day was wonderful because it was that hard and long as usual, and singing the flood song with all the other Lummi girls felt amazing.

Thank you Obama

How I felt inside the Pomona College Museum was very mixed emotions. It was good to see many different Native American Artifacts up and close. But It was sad to know the host didn’t know barely anything about the pieces of art and not where most of them came from. Also she said “We’re hoping someone one day will come in here and tell us more about some of these artifacts and where they came from.” I feel as if they should be trying to find more information out if they’re going to be showing them in their museum. Another thing is that they had many artifacts in their storage unit when they should be displaying them, or bringing them back to their tribe because they’re just to beautiful to not be shown.

Native Culture and College Education can go together, depending on what you major in. Something I was considering in majoring in college was Zoology, and animals play an important role in Native Culture.

My day was long, but fun. I honestly enjoyed seeing the Native American Artifacts. Also we played volleyball on free time and it was the most intense and fun volleyball game I’ve ever played. Another fun game we played was called mafia and it was fun, but it brought many of us strangers a lot closer.


Some resources I know that’ll help you get into college would be scholarships.

My personal teacher where I live is helping me prepare for college.

By going to school and making sure I have good grades I am preparing myself for college.

A way I can help other friends of fine to prepare for college is to tell them that they should always keep up in school and try their hardest.

My day was very long like always it’s just because we wake up early. But theater class was fun.