1) Scholarships, can help if they attend Lummi Nation School are able to apply, what I know so far.

2)A community member that prepares me to go to college is Pitzer Pipeline and my circle of friends Been chilling with them for 9 years! 

3) I am preparing myself for college by mentally telling myself that I am able to get myself through high school that it is important to my friends and family.

4) i will encourage my friends by telling them that they can be successful if they do soo…and sooo…


Today I felt energetic even though everyone else was tired. tomorrow I am excited and tired right now. Today’s activities were fun like acting all the conversations were random and funny.

TRISHA FACTS: so you can comment

I like to play volleyball and fun when I can or feel like it

I also think everyone should follow me on IG: Papayas_101 (i think:)


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