I liked when Bingo was telling us about these things and many others and I liked seeing how happy he was to see all the everything there.

I didn’t really like going to the museum, I’d like to learn more about items made by native americans from native americans instead of somebody that knew nothing about it. It upsets me to see somebody’s work just sit in a museum or just sitting in drawers in the back when it could be with the families of the people that made it. I like that they would give it back to the person or families that made it if the family wanted it but they probably don’t know about. I just think there’s too much there that’s unclaimed that could be with the person that made it. If I could learn about it a different way I’d be happy to, I would rather learn about it from someone that still does their work the same way or actually knows about it.

Native culture and college education could go together but I think one would take time from the other whether college is taking time from culture or vice versa but we would have to figure out how to balance both. Maybe you can do both.


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  1. I agree Thelma that it’s sad and disrespectful. But there is always light at the end like in the treaty song – Joe coming to the Musuem may be the beginning of getting those items back to their homes and people

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