In my opinion Native Culture in College could go both ways based on the community and whether to take up to learning your college. Attending a college with a low percentage of Native Americans who haven’t really focused on the culture could be hard. Depending on what college you plan to attend. You can either apply to a college that offers a diverse community that includes Native Americans who share traditions. There are some colleges offered for just Native Americans, who promote and help continue the culture to the best of their abilities also. We will always carry the tradition and represent where we come from and who we are. We can’t forget that. So to answer your question. Yes, you can still have your culture within yourself and attend college. Maybe hard but not impossible.


Today was a benefitting day to go to Pomona College and see lots of different Tribal artifacts and admiring someone else’s ways and how they did it. My favorite artifacts were the baby moccasins, all beaded to the fullest and pulled together to make a beautiful colorful design. Which also made me a bit confused that there were pieces without an explanation and no story on whats behind it. There was little knowledge about the artifacts and someday I wish to see these pieces with the tribes who they belong to.


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