1) I feel that the museum is holding a culture even though they mostly think of it as a study. Natives today still hand make the regalia it isn’t history yet because it is still possible to see the dancers with a passion of their culture.

2) I think native culture and college can go together because that is how we are suppose to bring the history back. How we use the language and skills like making baskets or handmade clothes. If it were to be studied and found where it belongs then it should be sent home like the children clothes. After it is studied then the next thing in that museum should be studied and sent home like a cycle. Even though I want to be in business marketing or management I wouldn’t want to see Native hand made work sold online when it should be past down with their story. It wouldn’t be the same if you just buy it online with no history or stories with it.

3) Today I felt very tired like one of my eyes were in pain. But I’m sure i’ll be okay today the acting was okay hopefully tomorrow will be better. I’m really getting into the reading and it is a funny book. Today’s lunch was huge and I loved it!!! i like listening to Joe and Rose because their stories hit the heart with so much love.

Trisha Facts:

I love my best friends!! So become my best friend! 😀  KYLA POLASKY :O

I think bunnies are cute especially the fat ones!

I love wearing sweatshirts

I think mafia was a fun game and we should play it more and we should play volleyball games more.

I love candy like trolli eggs and worms and chocolate I always get around Christmas.

My favorite holiday is Christmas and my birthday



3 thoughts on “SuperStarfishy

  1. Ahhhh Trisha! You should have told us your eye hurts!! Maybe we could have helped – I always carry eye drops.

    And have you seen this one website called Beyond Buckskin? It’s an online store featuring many Native artists who sell their items online in a space where they set their own price and what to sell. And each item has a story especially if you asked the artist. It’s a modern take on selling Native art/jewelry… what do you think of that?

  2. l Luv your comments today trisha.. flush out your eyes good in the shower or the faucet.. eye drops should help and are you wearing your sunglasses and reading glasses daily.. take care babygirl luv u.

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