1. I decided to make clapper sticks. Making clapper sticks was super easy but also super fun. Mati was kind enough to help me split my stick and from there on I finished the rest. I shaved it down and sanded it to make it smooth. I also hallowed it to give it a great clapping noise. The most difficult part was adding design to the clapper stick. The way Mati does his design was by burning it with a magnifying glass. That takes a stupendous amount of patience. Patience that I truly do not have, so I just decided to paint on the clapper stick.

2. I resonated with mati’s teachings the most. His teachings pertained more toward us becoming the future. The future that we must embrace and use to protect those lands and to give back to the community. I can relate to this because I really hope to give back to my community using all my information gained from these sorts of teachings.

3. My favorite cultural experience was definitely the crafting. I believe that 1 day at Wishtoyo made more than all the days here at Pitzer. Making the crafts allowed me to connect with the Chumash culture and be able to include a piece of my cultural into the craft, in this case the clapper stick.



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