1. When I was at Wishtoyo I made a clapper but I dropped it and it split all the way down the middle D: so it was good while it lasted. I had a great time making it I sat next to bingo while I made it and he made his so I had a great time. 2. The teachings I related to most is that are cultures are kind of similar but different and our things we make our different we have 2 clappers and theirs is just one stick so I really enjoyed that. I love the songs. I think it’s weird I can easily catch on to a new song but I have a hard time singing our own cultural songs. 3. My favorite part about the village was getting to talk to Mati and Luhui and little more than I did I could not quit laughing when Luhui told me that Mati crochet! 😀 It’s like you can’t imagine a big scary looking guy like him crocheting 😀 Oh my god my stomach was cramping so bad from laughing and I thought I was gonna have an asthma attack from laughing so hard !! :,D Sorry Mati you said not to tell anyone but oh my god! When Luhui told me I just could not quit laughing I was almost crying :D… 4. One thing I don’t like is when I get so close to people I suddenly have to leave and I cry and I’m just a big cry baby but I felt like crying so hard after I left Wishtoyo today. I got a to take a selfie with Mati and Luhui and Alyssa so we all got a picture together and I will cherish it forever and I miss them so much already!! I hope they get to make it Sunday before we leave because I really want to see them off before I have to go back home. I’m kind of excited to go back home and I don’t know why? Probably just because I haven’t been away from my little sister Kadejah for 2 weeks and she’s only 2 an half years old and I’m going crazy without her!!



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