A craft I made during Wishtoyo was an anklet made out of dog bane, and it included a whale bone from the Makah Reservation. It was an amazing experience for me because I felt more cultural and it turned out great. My anklet will always be wiht me because I mamde it with a little help from the Chumash people. Teachings that resonated with me during my stay at Wishtoyo was the respect for other peoples traditionsz. I can relate to that teaching because many people at my school don’t respect our traditions and I would love for people to respect our traditions just as the Chumash people wanted us to do. My favorite cultural experience from the entire trip was singing their songs with them and dancing traditional a little with them. When we first got there we had a ceremony right away, sang songs along with them, and we were shown a little bit of their traditional dances as well.

Some fun experiences that will always make me smile was how this morning a few of my friends and I didn’t plan on swimming we=hen we went to the beach. But we soon jumped into the waves and had an amazing memory together, it was totally worth getting my clothes drenched. Also after the sun rise ceremony, we all hugged each person in the circle and that was heart warming.



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