The Common Application is a site build for students to access equity in the college application process. You can send your application to private college schools. Common Application is simple and easy to use and can create less stress when applying for colleges/universities. Filling out the Common App can prepare you for future essays or prompt that are required in college.

It is important to look up colleges before applying to them because you need to know if it fits you right. It is important because what if the college does not have the atmosphere you are expecting it for. I would suggest on visiting the college/university before applying. You should also check their “About us” which should be provided on their website. See why their college atmosphere is the best for you. Lastly, you should see if they have the academic needs for you. If the college you are looking into does not have the academic needs, you should try on finding another college.


Writing a strong college essay can give you a higher chance in getting accepted. For example, if you are planning on going to a less-selective school and you have ok grades, you can create a strong essay to boost up your chances in getting into that school because Admissioners look at your essays, resume, grades, GPA, ACT scores, etc. Strong essays can hook the person who looks at your application and can make them more interested in you. Lastly, Strong essays can also show the audience that you have confidence in what you have to say. It shows strength in your voice in a text.

Great tips for writing a great college essay is to select the best topic/subject. For example, Common App gives students the option of selecting a prompt to write about. You should decided on what topic you should write about that is easy to write about and you can add depth to it. Make sure you answer the question. Most students will stray off the topic and make the essay loose focus. This can make he admissions people loose interest quicker. It is also really important to not sound materialistic, creating your tone of your essay a bit snobbish. You can have some humor in the essay, just no materialism. Another tip is to make your essay the right length. writing a 200 word essay shows that you given up easily. I would preferably write 500 words or more. Lastly, always always always proof read and organize your work! I have heard some stories of students spelling words wrong and it can effect your chance in getting into that school. A tip I like to use is reading your essay out loud.


Tips for telling your story is to really put effort into it. You should have stories about accomplishments and challenges you have dealt with in pervious years. You should invest in having a strong introductory to really hook your audience. You should not tell lies, your story should be truthful and be all about you. Make it your voice so that others can hear you. Do not stress too hard on just a story about you. You can make it as complex as you want (if that is your personality) or very simple and clean with details. Overall, essays should not get you all worked up. Just make sure it have your voice in it. Essays should be all about you and how you became the person you are today! Hopefully my blog for today has been very helpful for others after reading this. 🙂

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