Common Application is a website that helps you with finding the tuition and phone numbers of the admissions office, it is where you choose a college in the state you want and tells you all the information you need to know and how to apply, that’s why the website is so helpful.

Students that might sign up for the common app will need to have their personal information and a pen and paper to take notes.

It is super important to research colleges before you apply because the students might not like the school setting or the classes they provide. And to know the background of the college, you want to have a instant bond when you read about the college you’re researching.

The student writing the essay has to make a great impression on the person reading it, that’s why writing a fantastic application essay is so important.

Some tips to writing an amazing essay would be to always be yourself but never babble on about how your the best. The student should speak from their heart.

Some tips that I recommend is to add some humor into it, the application essay shouldn’t be so stiff. The student should put their thoughts and feelings into it. Don’t go for facts, go for your real life experiences. Things you’ve learned from your elders and parents.


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