1)The common app is helpful in so many ways, one way is you can look up a college your interested in and it has all the information ranging from when you can send the application in and it also has all the majors.

2) What students need to do to prepare for the common app is know where they live, an email, number the would be easy to contact and just things like that.

3) The reason why it’s important to research on what college you want to attend because you might thing it’s one thing when it’s another. For instance you might think the school’s football team isn’t as beast a you thought they were.

4) The reason why it’s important to write a strong essay for your college is because just the way you word things might change there mind on excepting you.

5) Some tips on how to write a good, strong essay would be rereading it over many times not only that but letting others read it because they might see mistakes you don’t see. Another good way would be not to write about anything that is boring or too long because the reader had a life to.

6) Some tips on how to engage the reader would always say something that would catch there attention.


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