My name is Quiachtunaut, my english name is Danielle Kennedy-Jefferson but prefer to be called Dani. I am Assiniboine from my mother’s side and Coast Salish from my father’s. I live in Lummi Nation, ten minutes from Bellingham, which is two and a half hours from Seattle in the state of Washington. I go to Ferndale High School and will be a Senior.

I describe myself as positive and a writer. I know that 80% of my day I have a smile on my face and that I have the need to write random things that come to my mind. I love to put my thoughts and imagination into a story. It keeps me going.

This past spring and the beginning of summer I did the program, a mini university for Coast Salish students, and we did a lot of conservation projects. I felt important because I was helping my people’s land. I also started my first job 6 days ago and I realized I love going to work, not only because I had my own office but I love the feeling of being mature and like I’m my own person.

At my high school I do Sports Medicine for football and it’s basically first aid for football players. It’s what makes me want to go into a major in Medicine when I graduate high school and go to college. I love helping people.

I sing with my sisters professionally and have used our voices for activism.

I don’t know what I want to accomplish but I hope that I do figure something out.Dani


One thought on “Dani and the Giant #PEACHESFORLIFE

  1. Hi Dani – nice to have “peaches” back at Pitzer! Nicely written bio – has a good flow. What type of conservation projects were you doing and what i your new job???? One more question, how do you use your singing for activism? see you this evening….G

    P.S. studying medicine in college will be a future accomplishment! 🙂

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