First off my name is Sabrina Crysta Starr, I am 16 years old and I come from the San Carlos Apache Tribe and Tohono O’odham Nation of Arizona. I am currently a Senior at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, CA. I left my reservation to have a more higher education than what my people could provide for me. I had just turn 14 when I left, I wasn’t at all afraid because I was accompanied by two of my closets cousins. My uncle always told me the that when I get out of High School to get as far away from the reservation as I could, to go and explore the world, see what I never saw, and don’t look back until I’m ready to come home. Because home (the reservation) will always be there. So I really took that to heart. So my years at Sherman would defiantly be a highlight of my life. There I took part in an All-girls hand drum group. I also took part in sports as well such as Varsity Volleyball which was a redemption for because I fractured my ankle in my sophomore year and that took me out for the whole season. Another sport I did was long-jump during track season. I also took part in my dorm club and being the Vice President and an ITC Officer in my Junior Class. Also Sherman gave me an array of different Career Pathways to take, also some that I may never have known if I stayed on the reservation.



One thought on “Sabrina C. Starr

  1. Hi Sabrina – Great to meet you yesterday. So glad you are part of the Pitzer program this year. Great job on your bio – sounds like you are taking full advantage of opportunities offered to you at Sherman and are well on your way to college. Is the hand drum group part of the White Rose Singers or a different group? Love your photo. – G

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