Final Blog – David


My first and last year at this program and I met a lot of great people. I hope we see each other again. I am glad I decided to come to this, at first I was not sure I wanted to go. This program got me to be more outspoken with people. Thank you to all the mentors and my mentor Belmont for making me feel home and offering help. I will miss everyone and this program. Wishtoyo, Limu, and Pitzer. This was a great experience





David Wishtoyo/Limu

  1. I learned a lot at Wishtoyo and Limu, I was able to open up to people and learn to meditate. I liked that everyone there was welcoming and I learned to embrace my indian heritage

  2. My biggest take away at Wishtoyo was the Men’s Ceremony, everyone was able to speak their minds and not be judged. All the guys connected students, mentors, and elders.
  3. My take away from Limu Island was the activities we did to bond with each other. Snorkeling, kayaking, horse shoe, and pool. It was really cool to learn from people.
  4. I felt it was the perfect combination with each other. They complimented each other giving us knowledge of our heritage.

Rose’s Questions (Day 6) – David

  1. I would put a diaper on the altar because it reminds me of my 1 year old sister. It amazes me that a life at young age can have a impact on me. When I see her she reminds me there is a God or a higher power because she has the feeling of love and does these little things that amazes me. We play together and we laugh together.
  2. A tradition that has meaning for me is when my family gathers on christmas eve and wait till midnight to open presents. I like how my family joins together and show our love for each other.
  3. A tradition I would make is something with my family. Cooking together then gathering at the table. This would happen every 2 weeks.

Day 5 – David

Today we did a lot we talked about Shakespeare and read poems which were good. WE went to Western U and they had a VR of a human body and we were able to see inside of it. Theatre was fun too with Courage and pretending to be snakes, jaguars, eagles, and hurricanes. Also telling our traditions on paper and making a sculpture of it. Jumping into the pool because the odds, but i did it willingly. Here is a gallery of everything that has happened.

DAY 3 – David

28514018586_a8a6387d9f_zToday was fun and interesting. I liked the bow and arrows, it was fun to launch it really far. Also we made pancakes using a recipe and they were pretty good. We had a talk about neuroscience and I liked the ideas of how the brain works with depression, seizures, and autism. Also the martial arts against the sticks which was good to know. The odds were too much too.

David 3rd Day

Today a lot of interesting things happened; talks, structures, and writing. Joe Parker talked about Idle No More. I liked how the indians never gave up and wanted their rights, plus the flash mobs. Saginaw Grant talked to us about him and his acting career. I liked his stories and wise teachings; start every day positive and do not rush through life. An issue I am concerned about is environmental destruction, I hope for deforestation to slow down in the world. I feel we need to embrace nature more because it seems we are not really caring for it and valuing it. Nature is beautiful, why destroy it? Also today was fun looking at different colleges and working on our writing for common application. The pictures were a good exercise for a essay. Also theatre was fun today with the structures. And I caught a lot of pokemon.

Day 2 – David

Today at the Pomona Museum we learned about indian artifacts and more into the history and culture. Elder Lori Sisquoc taught us how to make baskets, it was something new for me and it was pretty awesome to do something like that. Then Tory Mudd showed us film on stereotypical indians, that they are savages and live the same way as they did before. My responses were that I disagree with the stereotypes. I didn’t like that Hollywood was brainwashing people to believe indians were savages. I liked Pamela Peters talk, I feel that is the type of response that we can encounter in films, prove that we are human and not savages or the stereotypical indian. The forgotten people need to be heard.

David Fabian Bio- 1st Blog

My name is David Fabian, I am from Pomona, Ca. I am of Pit River descent, which is located in Northern California. I am going into my senior year at Damien High School, located in La Verne. Other programs I have done was Western University Pipeline Program and University of La Verne Summer Program. Jobs I have done was volunteering at churches and working for homeowners. Awards I received at school were honor rolls for keeping a good GPA. I see myself as a music lover and sport fanatic. What I hope to accomplish in the future is to go to college and hopefully get a job in the music industry or a  Pro-Sport franchise.