Hey! I’m Maya. I’m of Taíno and mixed European descent, and have lived in Claremont all my life. I am an upcoming junior at Claremont High School, and I enjoy spending my time drumming, rock climbing, and teaching. I teach art with a volunteer program called artSTart to elementary age children. This program has led me to do things that I wasn’t even aware i was capable of (Such as speaking in front of the mayor, councilmen, AND  60 people) and I am so grateful for it. I’m not yet sure if I’d like to do art therapy or elementary school education, and am considering a double major in sociology and psychology. I am ecstatic to be back at Native Youth to College for the second time. Going to college is incredibly important to me, and being that Pitzer is my top choice, I couldn’t be happier to be here. I am so enthusiastic to be at a program that ties together native culture with my passion for education. 


One thought on “Maya!!!

  1. Hey Maya – great to have you back in the program this summer. If you want to major in sociology and psychology Pitzer would be a good fit – we would love to have you as a student here. That’s great that you are teaching art with kids – its amazing how teaching and speaking in public really builds confidence and can bring out the best in people. 🙂 G

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