Hello, Im Trisha Smith from Lummi Nation in Bellingham WA. I see myself as an artist, runner, creative thinker, and shy. I go to Ferndale High school this is going to be my final year of high school which is very exciting. This program is amazing and I love it, third year attending cant wait to see what happens this week. Being shy puts me in difficult situations at school because I don’t like being a presenter in front of so many people. My favorite sport to play is volleyball. I never wanted to learn any other sport in middle school because I always played volleyball. I can listen to anything music but jazz. Jobs that I have done were within the tribe, I was titled as part of the work crew for a couple of years to clean, cut grass, and pick up garbage for about five weeks in the summer. Now I work in Human Resources with tribal members in Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC), I took time off to be part of this program. I plan to go to a college here in California my dream college is San Fransisco University to major in Business marketing or accounting. My second choice is to attend a college close to home, possible in Seattle.

Getting to know me#1 I adore kittens but I like having a dog as a pet.


2 thoughts on “Trisha is awesome because…

  1. Your a awesome daughter Trisha I love U and am so proud of U keep up your goals for college and push yourself everyday and your friends ,,, luv Dad

  2. Hi Trisha – nice to have you back this summer. Hopefully Rose will help you with your shyness tendencies this week and you already have friends from last year so it should be easier. Maybe you can take a trip to San Francisco State University to visit the campus. I went to college in San Francisco at the San Francisco Art Institute and I loved going to school there. I would love to see some of your artwork and Kittens rock! – G

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