Hi again,

Today was an okay day for me. I felt really sick for the most part so that kind of sucked. I thought that the martial arts was really cool to watch but I couldn’t fully participate because of how sick I felt. I liked the basket making that we did because I really like working with my hands in a relaxed setting so that was my favorite part of the day.

The basket that I made

I also really enjoyed the work with the worms and the video that came with it because I didn’t know that the c. elegans shared similar chemicals and nervous system as us humans, and I thought it was really interesting that we can learn so much from something that so many people don’t even know about.

When we visited the museum I was saying it was sad that we had to look at ourselves through a glass case and how it was scary because we are going extinct. The guy that was having everyone talk said that it was a misconception but I don’t think he really understood what I was saying. We as native people are losing out bloodlines because of reproduction with other races. Not that it’s bad or anything; it’s just something that’s happening. And another thing that I meant by going extinct is that we have native in our blood, but we don’t have it in out minds or our hearts… our culture isn’t sticking with people and continuing onto future generations and I feel scared because I don’t want us to die out and forget who we are.

The last video that Pamela Peters shared, which was her new poetry video, actually made me feel pretty emotional because I was thinking about how much we used to have and how much has changed since settlers came. I was thinking about all the hardships and all the pain that our ancestors have gone through and the video also made me very happy because I was seeing empowered women that are willing to embrace who they are. And I enjoyed our theater class with Rose more today than I did yesterday because I felt more comfortable and excited so that was another good part of my day. And yeah, bye again. 🙂


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