Hello! Today was a really good day! Going to Pomona Museum today was emotional for me. However I noticed the warrior in me came out today. I don’t like museums in general, so the area we were in didn’t help. As soon as you walk in the door you can just feel the injustice that has happened to the artifacts and the spirits that are there. I had a very serious talk with the director about when they are told to take down or cover something, they need too. We also talked about how they need to return the artifacts to the people or are where it belongs. Some things they said was a little offensive. It’s a very real problem that people are taking what isn’t theres. I did mention that to them because they did say how they were worried it would end up in the wrong hands. We responded with well they’re already in the wrong hands. I did see almost all of the artifacts that not everyone got to see. It was hard to see my own people’s stuff and us not even being offered our stuff back when it wasn’t theres in the first place. As soon as we left that building I immediately felt better and I know what needs to be done. I will be in contact with the director and they agreed to have a meeting with elders and us so the artifacts can be returned. Other than that very emotional and sicking part of the day. The rest was wonderful! It was really nice to talk to some mentors and them understand my frustration with the museum and of course our elder Rose and other students knew my exact feelings. I didn’t really have a favorite part of the day. However I liked being able to bond with some of the mentors and some students.


One thought on “Agnes Day 2

  1. Agnes thank you so so so much for speaking your truth today. I was inspired by your words and your warrior spirit.

    I completely agree with you 100%.

    Those are stolen items.
    Like you said “they are already in the wrong hands” and should be returned immediately!!

    I’m sorry that you the staff person reacted that way. It’s totally uncalled for…

    But at the same time I am incredibly proud of you for speaking and sharing your feelings and emotions. That was very brave of you and I hope that you continue to speak TRUTH!!

    With love and admiration,


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