Today I woke up early to play traditional games. We were pushing energy through each other with a form of martial arts. We made baskets from Juncos. It was simple and easy but you had to make sure you paid attention of what your shape is forming from out of it. We had the chance to see glowing c elegans up close. It was awesome to see how their muscles glow when you take out the light. We learned how natives have been attacked through film history and how others have gained on the false images of natives. Natives were given the chance to stand up when film became cheaper to make. They shared their own images on themselves and was able to bring back their language by teaching it to their children as their main language. After the day we were able to release ourselves in theater where we all expressed ourselves with our our jesters.



One thought on “Diego’s 2nd Day

  1. That’s a very concise summary Diego, I like it!

    Dude the c elegans were cool to play with. I wasn’t able to get the worm to transfer but it was still interesting to try.

    If you enjoyed that workshop you are gonna like the ones that are planned for later on the program.

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