Day 2 had many highlights. Starting at 7am with learning some steps of a traditional game. It was defiantly a great way to start the day. I felt it brought a lot of unity to the group which can be reassuring for me. Then we went to Pomona College and were able to visit an actual lab with students that are researching there this summer. We were able to observe glowing c elegans in a microscope. That alone was so amazing. The c elegans are so tiny and just seeing them glow was crazy. Then we made our way to the Pomona Museum with a visiting elder, Lori Sisqouc. Lorie explained traditional baskets and there multiple purposes. We discussed quite a bit about the importances, dipper meanings of the baskets and what they were originally used for. I especially liked how we were able to be so hands on and were able to make our own baskets, it felt very meaningful. As we went on with our day we were able to meet Tory Mudd who gave a presentation about stereotypes of Native Americans in Hollywood films. I was so gravitated to learning and discussing more about how theses stereotypes are still being played out in today’s society and more specifically how this has an effect on the Indigenous people’s.

Over all today went well. I loved how hands on some activities were.

Below is a picture of my friends  (on the left) and I’s (on the right) baskets we made! IMG_3344


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