Hey! Today I think almost everyone was ready to go to bed at any moment. Besides the amount of tiredness most people were experiencing, today was pretty fun. We started the day off really well, by playing flower wars (tribal games). We got the privilege of having Saginaw Grant talk to us about good things to remember in life. One of the main points he made was that we need to grow slower and try not to just go through things super fast. If you do just speed right through it you won’t learn and see/experience important things in life. For me the two best parts of the day was swimming at Scott’s house and being able to hear some of the stuff Saginaw was saying. Like always though I like bonding with other students and the mentors that way we can all start to get comfortable with each other. Theatre today was really cool. We got to connect with each other without saying anything. Also getting to see how people feel about certain words and just in general.


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