After Joe spoke about the Idle no more movement has shown the effort that was put into the movement and how it was effected by each nation.

Saginaw has told stories about his history and culture. He talked about his life history of being an actor and how it wasn’t really his dream that it just happened. The story of the turtle taking its time up to the top of the mountain to reach his destination at the big tree. The lesson I took from the story was not to rush through life and that we should take our time and figure out who we are and what we can do for the community.

The issue that I’m passionate about is being disconnected with our friends and family. I think that technology is making individuals able to hide behind a screen all day and not communicate as much as we need to. Even when I’m apart of this issue by facing my screen and not the people I actually want to have a  conversation with. That social medias have put us in a stage where our brain is processing just to like a photo by, pressing a button on the screen and not expressing our feeling to the person in the picture.


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