Today was a really interesting day that stared with a traditional game named Flower Wars. we had teams try to protect a staff from the other team by not letting them touch the staff holders head. After our fun game we learned some tips of how we should construct our essays. After we brainstorm ideas for an essay to fit a common application standards well. Next we looked up colleges and looked at their graduation rates and causes we would like to take there. We had a talk with Joe Parker talking about the struggle with natives in Mexico who had to fight extremely hard for rights that were wrongfully taken. They were really smart and thought of ideas to keep them save while making their point hear loud and clear! We also had a talk with Elder Saginaw Grant who had inspirational words for us along with stories.  One thing that really stuck with me and meant a lot was just to take times to enjoy things, You don’t have to rush through everything because you can miss alot of stuff that might be really awesome to see or discover.


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