Today felt better than yesterday. We did the martial arts in the morning, and we played the flower war which was actually really fun. Our team lost but I enjoyed myself. After breakfast we went to the writing class and worked on sensory details and stuff. I liked the worksheet that we did that asked different questions about us like “who is the most important person in your life?” and “Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled to?” Because after we built on the answers, it ended in a really detailed story or memory.

During lunch, I had to leave to go take a nap because my body felt sore and I had a headache again; I felt much better afterwards. When we listened to Joe Parker on Idle No More after lunch, I found it really interesting because I knew of the Idle No More thing but I didn’t fully understand what it was for or why it was going on. I just got a deeper understanding of what it was and it made me want to go to the rallies when I get home if I ever get invited. Also, listening to Saginaw Grant was a real honor. Just listening to him talk and shaking his hand and taking a picture with him made me feel really good. I liked what he said about not growing up so fast and realizing what was going on around you because that’s kind of similar to what I say. I say that people need to prioritize their happiness and focus on the now rather than the past or future.

An issue that I am passionate about is that I want people to tell the truth about what happened in boarding schools. I don’t want schools and elders to sugarcoat what happened. It matters… it affected our elders, our past generations, our current generation, and our future generation. I think that the more that we get the truth out there, the more willing people will be to help us regain what we lost, and help us recover as a community and I think this because when someone told me their truth of what happened to them, it completely changed my perspective on so many things. Boarding schools changed us completely and we need to do our best to fix what we lost and that begins with knowledge being passed down and restored rather than forgotten.


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