Today I was very sleepy, but martial arts with Hector quickly woke me up! I had so much fun playing tribal games, and my team won both times! But i would have had just as much fun if we lost- the enjoyment was really in the teamwork of my group. I just wish it didn’t start at 6:45 am. Then after breakfast, we went to academic writing with Shelva . Today for Common Apps, we found five facts each about five colleges. This was particularly easy for me because that’s what I do in my free time, often while crying. (I did not cry this time). Then I went to lunch, and afterwards we had a class with Joe Parker.We spoke about Idle No More, and how it is important to request change when we believe change is necessary.  I would have then liked to take a nap, but that very moment we traveled to Scott’s house to go swimming. Then it was time to meet Saginaw Grant, a famous Native American actor. Saginaw spoke to us about the importance of culture and education. He also told us a legend that taught the moral of not rushing through your journey, so you may enjoy all of the experiences and details. I loved hearing him speak- I wish my face could’ve shown it! I was practically falling asleep though. I guess I’m just not used to waking up that early. Then we had dinner, theatre, and now blogging! I hope I’m not so tired tomorrow.


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