Sunnnndddaaay funday! is defiantly a real thing. It was proven today. We had the chance to talk with Joe Parker. Joe Parker discussed two social justice movement; Idle No More and the Zapatista movement. It was really intresting reading about the major events and failures that accrued to two movement. Honestly, at first I felt a little challenged in Parkers talk because how different and unique both movement’s dynamics are. As Parkers talk went furthermore with background history about the two movements I began to imagine the fight and the people in the fight. Made me remember the strength of our ancestors. Right after Joe Parker’s talk we had a bit of free time, which I used to go swimming. On a supper hot day like this swimming felt great. I felt like I was really living in the moment with my friends. Then we had a talk with a vising elder Saginaw Grant, which was a real honor. He shared with us stories that were once shared with him. Just being able to hear his stories felt like a privilege.

Over all I felt really thankful and honored being here today.

Thank you!


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