Today was another AWESOME BEAUTIFUL DAY grrrrrl again . Today for me was a very emotional inspiring loving day for me I was lucky to here special speakers and elders talk about Native culture and battles  and life in a very special informative creative way. I got to hear Joe Parker and he was a professor at Pitzer college and we did an activity where we had to act or do a little play you can say anyways it was cool and funny. He said he was like 59 years old but he didn’t look like he was 59 years old to be honest but it was awesome to have a little taste of what he does in his class room with his college students. Then my FAVORITE part of the day was hearing Saginaw Grant he was soooooo f***en cool I’ve actually seen him before lots of times since I was really little like at Pow Wows and ceremonies and etc. but I really enjoyed what he had to say man like he was so inspiring and such a beautiful motivating elder. I was really happy that I got the opportunity to hear what he had to say and the message that he wanted us to leave with. An issue that I’m passionate about in my community is the lack of motivation and resources for education thats something that I would truly would like to change in  my community and for my people as well.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this and I am so glad you are having fun! How do you think you can help increase motivation in the community and/or resources for education?

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