Hi. Today is Wednesday and I have a couple of things to discuss. First I would like to discuss an object I would put on an alter. Which really reminds me of when I was young until now. My father and I build our own alters for Dia De Los Muertos. We would put pictures of our loved ones who have passed on, candles and cempazuchitl. It would take us hours to get everything in place how we liked. With building an alter comes a lot of patience and energy. If I had to pick one object to put on the alter it would be the cempazuchitl’s which are a type of flowers. They are bright yellow and orange. I feel they really bring out the true beauty of alters. When I see the bright flowers colors bounce off of each other I remember how scared, beautiful and powerful alters are. This all reminds me of when my dad and I are building alters together which happens every year. This has turned into our own tradition every year. We spend hours on one alter. This is such a meaningful traditions because we do it together. As we build our alter we will remember love ones who have passed on and shared good memories of the, we sing songs and put a lot of energy into this. My dad tells me that he used to build small alters with my grandma (his mom) and it is meaningful for him. I would love to pass this tradition down, with my little brothers or maybe my own kids. I think this tradition keeps me grounded and helps me keep moving forward. If I had to create a tradition it would to be building alters with my little brothers and something silly like frozen yogurt every Monday night (just to make Monday nights better).

Inserted picture of cempazuchitl.


Thank you.


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