since we have done the blanket activity i feel like i have gotten closer to everyone because they have trusted me and other with  they emotions and what had happened  to they in the past. i have not gotten to know everyone in personal level but i am looking into getting to know everyone in a personal level. also another thing that i liked was how we all got together yesterday morning and did the indigenous games. we all encouraged each other and had fun. the pool time we had was fun. when we are in the pool we just hang out with others and have fun. we played marco polo. i tried swimming to the end of the pool. i didn’t make it to the end but i am going to keep trying. today at pool time we played volleyball and that was fun.


One thought on “4th day- Isaac

  1. Isaac, I’m so glad you are all bonding. I’m sure you’ll get to the end of the pool soon, keep up the good work! What indigenous game has been your favorite so far?

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