I have been having a great time so far. I keep on getting closer to everybody but I don’t know everyone that well. I already feel like we are all a family. We have been going into the pool, learning Aztec math and just writing. We made a necklace out of soap stone. We also got closer together in the circle and I felt honored that they actually had the strength to tell things that would also be hard to talk about.I also learned about what happened to our ancestors hundreds of years ago. Today, we had a blessing in two separate groups, i haven’t really ever experienced anything like that. We also got to swim again but it was a smaller group that went swimming because everybody else went to town to get frozen yogurt. This morning was really great too, but we had fun, we played volleyball with a huge beach ball. I took my shoes off and placed on the grass. The connection with the ground made me feel much more connected to mother earth, because my feet started to dig into the ground, and every step i took while in the dance I was excited to see what we would do. When dancing i was turned around in most of the moves because everyone else would be going one way and then i would be going the other. The dancing really brought up my mood from being tired to feeling energized. I also learned that dancing was a big part of our culture, i don’t really know this kind of stuff because no one in my family has taught me anything about my culture. So i am thankful to be here and learn what i have been wanting to learn.


One thought on “Jarrod is Having an Awesome Time

  1. Jarrod! Thanks for your words and your thoughts. I love the part where you describe your feet digging into the dirt and your connection with our mother. I started to feel like I was dancing with you there for a second!
    Keep up the good work,

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