I woke up in a good mood because I knew that my favorite thing was happening today. I had to go through breakfast first. I had some french toast and egg with sausage flats. It was good. Then I heard that it stared 15 minutes after breakfast so I rushed over to my room. I was deciding if I should wear my regalia or just my chichiyotes. I just put on my full regalia just because. When I walked over their I was the only one with my regalia on and I felt weird for a second but I knew I was the only making my culture proud. I was a big help to Candonhache, the teacher of the class. I learned more stories from him and I was happy just to dance. Danza is my life and I admire it. After the class, it was already lunch time. Candonchache said we were working on Mexica time. We then were talking about the difference between women and men. It was a lot to take in but the group was alright afterwards. Before my friends and I headed to the pool, the teacher has playing music and I decided to dance to the music. Everyone jumped in and had more Danza. This was the best part of the day.

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