Knowing Coyotl with Coyotl

I am a very awkward person and I learned this by being around other people who learned to accept who i am by laughing in unison. I have learned a lot more about by being around people and peers that i can trust and love with all my heart. I have also seen the trouble maker side of me so i know how to tone my behavior down a bit. This is pretty much it. (and that was “Knowing Coyotl with Coyotl). =)


Another Day – Coyotl

Today was packed with a lot of classes about change with our culture. The people in the program and the mentors are all connected in a way that has change my motive and my way of seeing my culture. I have shaped into trying to spread the culture of natives claiming that we still live and we are still a people. All the people have showed there culture and carried their knowledge about themselves. I believe that I can spread this statement through Social Media and through the community. This will eventually be the statement that the government will testify but then approve of since they cant kick people of their own land. They are going against their own rules. It will be totally awesome if this will be carried on through future generations of people.

Average Day – Coyotl

Being back was a bit of a relief. My charger and phone were reunited and everything was good again. The next morning was Indigenous games with Hector and John. It was very fun playing the flower game and corroborating with my team. Then was writing a lot of boring stuff. Then we had aztec math with vicente outside. We had sleep time from 2:15 to 5:45 to catch up and rest from Wishtoyo. The talking circle was very interesting and then i am here blogging. Thats pretty much it.

My 3 days at Wishtoyo – Coyotl

At Wishtoyo, It was a good feeling there because the people there were very welcoming and happy. The host Mati Waiya and Luhui isha are the ones who were awesome in doing this. They said it was a huge group with so much good energy. They took us to the beach down there. It was COLD!!!!!!!! All the rocks were very annoying but over all, it felt excellent to be soaked in ocean water. When we weren’t learning, all of us had fun in the evening. The dogs were so FLUFFY!!! The new one was named Ashka and the others were Sumo and Sheshoi. It was a blast and so much went on. The food was sooooooooooooooooooo good it was like my mom was cooking. Still drooling. It was the best memory I could ever had.

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Bask It and Weave-Coyo

Today, it was a slow easy day until right before dinner. We went to the talking circle with Elder Lori. It was very interesting at how the pattern was. We had the basket material soaked so it can bend but won’t break. It was a warm day so it was easy for the material to dry up. It took along time but it was fun weaving the basket back and forth back and forth back and forth. And Mom if you are reading this, I have made one for you. Every thing else was good and normal. It was chill. That is all I can say.


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Danza on the grass-Coyo

I woke up in a good mood because I knew that my favorite thing was happening today. I had to go through breakfast first. I had some french toast and egg with sausage flats. It was good. Then I heard that it stared 15 minutes after breakfast so I rushed over to my room. I was deciding if I should wear my regalia or just my chichiyotes. I just put on my full regalia just because. When I walked over their I was the only one with my regalia on and I felt weird for a second but I knew I was the only making my culture proud. I was a big help to Candonhache, the teacher of the class. I learned more stories from him and I was happy just to dance. Danza is my life and I admire it. After the class, it was already lunch time. Candonchache said we were working on Mexica time. We then were talking about the difference between women and men. It was a lot to take in but the group was alright afterwards. Before my friends and I headed to the pool, the teacher has playing music and I decided to dance to the music. Everyone jumped in and had more Danza. This was the best part of the day.

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Spirit Game was good

This movie was a very interesting to me because it talked about the relation to the old game played by the Iroquois. Lacrosse was the healing and friendship game between the Natives. This game was shared by all the countries. I was amazed on how the original players of the game were to good. The most important scenes that stood out to me where when the referee called bad plays on the Iroquois and the opposing team always won. History repeats its self. This movie was a big take away for me.