I feel that as the days progress during the program the more I feel myself becoming closer to everyone. All the programing that we participate in has even become a lot more insightful. Last years program was centralized on northern natives but this year they have incorporated a lot of my peoples history, like today when we had Aztec math class we always here about the different precise calculations the aztec people made; this really  fills my heart with empowerment and sends inspiration all throughout my body. Another thing that I really related with today was the basket weaving. My ancestors weaved very intricate baskets that still stand strong till this day. While weaving the baskets I found myself thinking about all the time and effort that our people used to put into making massive baskets that served so much more than just as decoration, then for people to come and just destroy all four precious culture was infuriating.

I am disappointed in myself because when the program started I decided to have a vegan diet since I had done it a couple months before. Today I had a relapse and ate 3 delicious pieces of sausage for breakfast.

worth it…


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