One of the best parts about being back at Pitzer has to be being able to shower. I was a little mad that we didn’t get to go shower as soon as we got back to Pitzer but I am still grateful for being able to wash the dirt 3 day old dirt off my body. When I woke up this morning I was extremely tired but indigenous games woke me right up as it always does. We received a great presentation from Pomona admissions office about the common app and becoming familiar with the different parts of the application. My favorite part about today was when Tata Vicente was telling us a story and about mid way through he stopped an called for the humming birds and about a minute later 3 humming birds appeared, this blew my mind. Then when we sang a Women honoring song I really put my heart into it and prayed for all my sisters, mothers and tias that our struggling. So I really felt that song was necessary.



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