Hello wonderful students!

As you walked into the computer lab tonight you may have noticed the quotes from different Native American activists and artists posted around the room. Tonight we are writing about change. As you leave the program and move into the rest of your lives, what will you take with you? What changes do you wish to see in the world and for our mother earth and ocean, for the air and our communities? After Social Movements with Joe Parker and the books we have been talking about, we wanted to give you the opportunity to think about the changes you wish to see in this world.

What or who in the program has inspired you, and what legacy do you hope to leave for the future generations? 

– Genna and Gina

P.S. If you would any photos you’ve taken added to flickr or you would like to add a quote to the wall, email it to me along with the author and I will get it printed. gkules@students.pitzer.edu


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