It all started when I arrived at Wishtoyo. The welcoming was Mati and Luhui singing a welcoming song. I felt like I was at home when I first got there. The chumash village had such good energy. On the first day after we arrived we had gone done to the beach to soak our feet. Then we were served this amazing dinner by nana. The food was delicious because nana had put so much love in it. Then came the second day. We started by having breakfast and then going down to the beach to go boogy boarding. We were also able to go surfing. Even though it was hard the first couple of times i was able to pick it up pretty fast. Then we came back to the village for lunch and then we participated in activities like making necklaces and learning sacred geometry. Towards the end of the night we began to prepare for a sweat. then came the time for the sweat. I was prepared for it but I still knew it would be tough. I was able to last for 2 out of 3 rounds. In all together Wishtoyo was awesome and great




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