by: Tyvon Greyeyes

As we sadly approach the ending of the program the teaching of everything gets more exciting and interesting like for example the lessons of Aztec Math, Rehearsing and Learning new songs, etc. The amount of knowledge is so large and learning about it makes me think about most of it such as Aztec Math how we use the nepohualtzintzin abacus is so simple yet complex it is very amazing how it works, also how we sing songs that have so much meaning with every passing word I can almost feel the large amount of pride and determination also with every passing word which gives me hope for the future. This program makes me feel as if I am at a home away from home because my bond with everyone grow everyday and so for I am enjoying it, so that is all I have to say for today.35226159453_7a3731b854_z.jpg.


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