By: TyVon Greyeyes

Just as any other day at Pitzer it was fantastic because the lessons taught here are very well thought out and they may help with future problems like we have been learning how to write a proper essay for college, Blogging, and Math. I also learned how we can involve ourselves into social movements to better our lives for the long run and also for the ones that will come after us which has me thinking that when I am of age I want to do some of these movements to better many communities and regions. The experiences might have me come back again next so that I can experience this program again because it is just so fun here. Well I am thankful for the Elders, Mentors and the Staff are doing such a great job at keeping us entertained which I am thankful for and also blessed to be participating in this great program, So if the Elders, Mentors or the Staff reads this I want to personally thank you.


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