At this program i have learned so much, and all that knowledge came from Vicente. Without Vicente i wouldn’t have learned much about any culture. Every day, when Vicente talks to us, i am dragged in by his stories and the way he uses his words. He tells us stories and some cool little tricks that i didn’t even know about. He is also technically a living calculator with that nepoalzintzin (i don’t know how to spell it). Vicente’s knowledge is endless, when we were in a circle, i think he did a hummingbird call and then some hummingbirds actually arrived. I look up to Vicente because he takes his own time out of his day to teach us and tell us stories.

My legacy will be me helping the people going through depression, i feel like i should be out there telling my story. I want to talk to the youth and tell the story of depression, and how no one should go through that. I don’t know why i want to do this but i feel like i have to. No, not have to, need to, i really want to try and end depression.


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