What I am taking from this program is so much more then just new relationships with different indigenous people (although extremely important), I am taking home a better understanding of my relationship with Earth, animals, and culture. I wish to see 3 necessary norms change in society: the treatment of women, the constant environmental harm the masses contribute too, and the treatment of indigenous peoples on our own territory. Some one who has inspired me in the program is my mentor tekpatl. All of the positive influence and empowering words he has shared with me and other mentees has driven me to change my style of living that goes directly against our peoples values. Especially since he is only 1 year older then me it really motivates me to reconnect with my future and traditions. The legacy I want to leave behind is one of an urban indigenous youth that is culturally invested and motivated to influence other indigenous youth  to decolonize their style of living that isn’t healthy.


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