Hello everyone, my name is Marisa . Coming to the Native Youth to College Program has connected me with my high school teachers/elders from Sherman. During the program Lori Sisquoc shared the making of the traditional basket. During this activity I learn about of weaving and the creativity of designs. I also got in contact with Josie Montes, my high school women’s traditional drum group “White Rose.” I had the chance to play the hand drum and sing songs shared by Josie. It really created a bond with my other mentees because they got to experience the teachings of songs and basket weaving taught at my boarding school that I am surrounded by on a daily basis. These elders have inspire me to implement new ideas of being a young native american women by following these teachings  of songs, languages, and cultural expressions. The legacy I hope to leave for the future generations is to inspire children to learn their culture through sacred songs and traditional basket weaving. Another thing is for the future generations to know who they come from and where they belong in the world. I would like to give the generation a knowledge of how their ancestors lived in harmony and creating.








Thursday July 20th                                                                                                    -Marisa Sosa


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