Wishtoyo… what an amazing village filed with such good energy and amazing people. On Sunday July 19, 2017 the students of the Native Youth 2 College Program went on a 2 Hour drive to visit the amazing village of the Chumash people in Malibu, CA. Since we entered the village I had already felt such good energy and I was already so happy to be there. We were all greeted with a song by the Chumash people in their language.

On day one of our trip at Wishtoyo I had already learned so much about the Chumash culture and even about myself. I learned that when women are on there moon time that they are so powerful and that they should not feel embarrassed of there moon but instead be happy of this amazing gift the creator has given us. I as well heard such a beautiful story about the Chumash people and how they are connected with dolphins. On that first day at Wishtoyo I felt so happy and already loved by the Chumash people including Mati and Luhui. I loved learning about myself there as a young indigenous women with Luihui to Learning to throw the Atl Atl with Mati. During the next couple of days in wishtoyo I got so connected with the other students in this program that they felt so much like my family at home. On the last night at Wishtoyo I was so sad to leave such a beautiful place. Wishtoyo is an unforgettable village filled with unforgettable people and I cant wait to go there again and hopefully next time as a mentor.




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