Today I woke up in a very tired mood but after the indigenous games I woke up and was ready for my day. Today I was very excited to be able to be in a cadaver lab at Western University because I love being able to learn about the body and how it works and just the different ways your body reacts on what you consume and/or put on it amazes me. Today was basically a glimpse into what i may see in my future… for the longest I’ve always wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon which basically means i would be working a lot with the heart. Learning what I learned today made me feel more excited to become a cardiovascular surgeon. Today would perhaps be my 4th time being in the lab and getting to learn just a little bit more about the heart made me very happy. The body is amazing and the functions of our body are absolutely crazy. We are basically big machines who live in this crazy machine wired world.

Peace and Love Christine


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