Today we watched an amazing film “Spirit Game” it was a privilege to watch this movie the second time it is about the Iroquois Confederacy game, Lacrosse, which they play at an international level this movie was presented to us by Gayle, and TJ. Gayle was an executive producer of the film she is also a Native American Rights Activist always fighting to preserve the way of the Native Americans. TJ was the first Spirit Game Ambassador and is also a Lacrosse player who tried out for the team. This film was just great it showed how important this game was to the Iroquois Confederacy and how the injustices of the Vatican was involved into this movie. Besides the movie in the morning we had academic writing with our wonderful instructor, Shelva she provided help with our prompts. After that we had Mayan Math which we learned how to use an abaco this tool is basically a calculator. Overall this was another exhilarating day at the NY2C program.

The link to the movie is provided below.


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